PPP.BANK is a free, secure resource for small businesses, non-profits, and sole proprietors across the United States who received a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan and are now applying for forgiveness. This website automates the 11-page forgiveness application and results in a .pdf that can be provided to the lender.

PPP.BANK is committed to zero data collection. This website is a free tool intended to ease the forgiveness process with your bank, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), and the U.S. Department of the Treasury, but is not affiliated with any of these entities. You will still need to submit your final application to the appropriate channels to be granted forgiveness. Accuracy is dependent upon the information you provide, and we cannot guarantee any of the analysis or results produced. By using this tool, you agree that you are 100% responsible for the generated data. If the application process evolves, we will attempt to timely modify this tool as possible..


After seeing the complexity of PPP loan forgiveness, a Dallas Shark, Oklahoma community bank, and Arkansas FinTech collaborated to provide PPP borrowers a simple way to assess their PPP loan forgiveness potential, while also simplifying the application process for all small businesses.


The .bank registry, provided by fTLD, provides the highest level of security, essential to safeguarding private information and eliminating the potential for identity theft.

This website does not contain a database and data you enter will not be kept. The only data being tracked in this application is site usage statistics. None of the data is kept, shared, sold, or archived. Please see Privacy Policy for more information.


This website has no fees or costs to the user and does not generate any income. It is a free offering to help you navigate PPP Loan Forgiveness. All data generated by this site should be taken as informational only and should be reviewed for accuracy by the preparer.